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Rogelio Hazael Arredondo Jones
Hello: my name is Rogelio ( Roger on english ) but i like better Roy
I'm the typical video game player, give me a controller and i'm ready to go. Also i love dragon ball, digimon and totally pokemon, mario and the legend of zelda and a lot of things that i am really lazy to type in.
Im not much of an artist, i just like how other people draw in here, so i made my self a DA.
I hope some day learn to draw right, because i draw horrible

My love's n//n - Midna Stamp by Ultrathefox Pokemon Meloetta Stamp by Kevfin


Tagged by :iconomgcheez:

after a loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnggggg time.... i finally made this ;w; 

1. What is your favourite food? 


2. What time do you usually go to bed/fall asleep?

like at 12-1 am

3. If you could have two superhero abilities, what would you choose?

Maybe fast healing and control fire
Have PSI Powers like Ness (PK Fire and PK Rockin')  Ness okay plz 

4. Cats or dogs? Or both?

Diva Cat Cat Face Pusheen Emote Cat Bread Face Cat intensifiesRandom Kitty cat dance Avatar For Stefie178  Misc Emoji-06 (Lucky Cat) [V1] cats UwU

5. What is the one thing that is REALLY ANNOYING you right now? 

My lil Brothers ¬n¬

6. Do you believe in the paranormal? 


7. What does your room look like? Is it neat or messy, or organised chaos?

Another Dimension

8. What are your favorite songs right now?

I don't have one personal favorite Metal Slug 3

9. Do you have any stuffed toys in your room? How many? 

Yes, like 30 pokemon Plushies, my Fav. are my 2 Meloettas and my Oshawott

10. Is there something that you are really proud of that you want people to know about?

Neh, i have done nothing .-.


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Y perdon por no contestar, encerio se me vino pesado la prepa U,n,U
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